Hard time to get known

At ME TV, an innovative venture of ROM Broadcasting Network Pvt.Ltd. we ensure that the content shown keeps up to the promise we make to all our viewers of providing wholesome entertainment and making television viewing a satisfying and enjoyable experience. We have a dedicated team to review the content broadcast through the channel complies with the existing law, company policy, and any regulatory standards established by the broadcasting community. Nepal’s National Broadcasting Act 1992 places greater responsibility on the broadcasters. Consistent with the Act and the subsequent regulation, we have developed an internal Broadcasting Code which provides a guideline and acts as a framework for self-regulation. For instance, content is divided into two categories namely Generally Accessible “G” which can be scheduled at all times and Restricted Access “R” which is only scheduled during the watershed hours (11:00 pm to 5:00 am).

No film or content restricted to mature adults only is aired by our channel. As one of the country’s leading entertainment channel, we are always committed to taking proactive responsibility and providing wholesome family entertainment.