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Nepali Movies

Fresh and classic Nepali movies with your favorite star in HD Quality. Access the largest Nepali movie library in the country through ME TV

Foreign Movies

Popular and critically acclaimed movies from a range of countries and movie industries. We broadcast movies from Bollywood, Tollywood (SouthIndia), Hollywood, South-Korea, France, Latin America, and many more in both original language (withEnglish/Nepali subtitle) and Nepali dub.

Reality TV Shows

Original and syndicated international singing, dancing and multiple talent reality TV shows to indulge your passion and need for thrill and adventure.

Original Series

Original and multi-season series with your favorite Nepali artist from YouTube, TikTok, TV and internet.

International Series

Popular, critically acclaimed and multi-season TV and web seriesfrom Hollywood and South-Korea, especially dubbed in Nepali language for your ease of viewing.

Drama, Sitcom & Soap Opera

Apart from original and adapted series, we broadcast a range of drama, sitcom and soap opera that gratifies audiences from across all age-groups.

Talk Show

Night talk show, hosted by a famed video jockey, that invites and engages with celebrities from different walks of life including movie and TV stars, sports icons, politicians,pageant holders, corporate executives, etc. With a unique format and stage design that is unalike any other talk shows in the country, the show particularly appeals to the country’s growing young and urban population.

Dohori Show

For an audience that is into the traditional folk and country songs, the dohori show keeps them entertained while at the same time contributing to conserve the country’s unique cultural identity.

Live Broadcast

Watch your favorite stars walking in red-carpet, delivering stage performance and accepting awards during our live broadcast of the leading award and glam shows in the country.